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Method and System for Recommending Personal Gifts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243443D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-22
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A method and system is disclosed for recommending personal gifts based on social media data.

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Method and System for Recommending Personal Gifts

Disclosed is a method and system for recommending personal gifts. The method and system provides personal gift recommendations based on a person(s) social networking likes/ dislikes, past buying history, socioeconomic standing, gift registries, store history, the depth of the relationship with the person(s), store inventories, online store history, songs and videos watched. Based on gift recommendations, a user can go to a retail store. A list of items and highlighted store locations in order of price/profit is also rendered to the user. The method and system also senses if a store uses a store location technology to assist with the guidance to a right department within the store. A store map is generated with items highlighted in the store map. The store map enables the phone of the user to be tracked through the store with iBeacon or similar wireless technology. Alternately, a query can be generated to a store for electronic ordering and direct delivery.

The Figure illustrates a flow chart of the method and system for recommending a personal gift to a shopper.


As illustrated in the Figure, the shopper invokes an application in a mobile device, wherein the application is an implementation of the method and system for recommending personal gifts. The application can be installed in the mobile device, downloaded from application stores, or pre-configured with access to social media accounts using user name and password. After the application is invoked, the application accesses the social media accounts of the shopper. To access the social media accounts of the shopper, the application is required to pass the pre-configured user name and password. Thereafter, an Application Programming Interface (API) is invoked to get friends of the shopper. The shopper selects a social media friend. The


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application formats array of social media friends for a shopper's selection. Thereafter, the application gathers soci...