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Environmentally Smart Companion System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243448D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-22
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Described is an idea to proactively suggest to users to help be better prepared to handle environmental situations.

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Environmentally Smart Companion System

Our society has changed to where people are always on the go and rushing to too many places. Because of always being on the go and rushing, people tend to forget things. The idea is to have a mobile or electronic device that provides advice or warnings when traveling outside. It does not matter if someone is walking or driving, day or night, it will warn, suggest, or remind of what could be done to be more prepared to handle the environmental situations better.

    The user tells the device or the device detects that the user is going outside. The device could detect whether the user is walking out the door and reminds the user to lock the door (user can disable specific reminders). The device detects whether the user is driving, and reminds the user to shut the garage door. The system or application will gather data by checking the weather, social media, traffic, TripAdvisor*, or other data containers for that situation. The system or application will compare common data from social media comments to other data. It will search only for words that is relevant to the current time, time period, weather or traffic or route. For example, if the temperature is close to freezing or it is snowing outside, it will search for specific comments on plow, or slippery that is relevant to the situation. If it is sunny and hot outside, it reminds user to use sunblock, sunglasses, and bring water. It could automatically detect whether you have...