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Method of Social Influence Service Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243450D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-22
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Described is a method of Social Media Influence SaaS Service for quantifying people leadership rating, digitizing people role, visualizing human relationship, and determining individual influence power in multiple social media (such as professional groups, fashion forums, science news groups, or sports forums).

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Method of Social Influence Service

In business informatics, classifying user groups is one of the most important tasks. Especially, social network economy is a hot area. There are about 2.4 billion internet users in the world, it is a challenge to describe, digitize, visualize, and summarize people's role and relationship among social media. " Influence Score" is one of useful characteristic variables to describe a user's position and relationship in a social media community.

    Study on people's network influence and reputation are hot areas. Individual's role and influence on social media can be detected based on existing social network analytics. LinkedIn* tries to show what area which user is an expert in. It is mostly a crowd-sourced method that allows people to "endorse" the user for skills. Generating multiple social influence for each internet user in different user interested areas is a new concept in big data service.

    In order to get the influence score for each user in Twitter**, asks each user to input his/her Twitter's user ID and password, then gathers and analyzes the user's information from Twitter for calculating the user's influence score (0-100) in Twitter. For instance, Barack Obama got highest klout's score (99) in Twitter according to data of

    The above concept of "influence score" partially solves the problems to quantify registered user's influence, position, and relationship in a community. For normal internet users, however, most users do not want to sign up in a third party server. The influence scores for the most people are not available due to the limits to directly access user information from social media. In addition to the authentication issue, a single klout score may not preciously quantify an individual in different types of social medias and areas because power of people's influences are different on dissimilar subjects, majors, fields, and areas. For instance, Barack Obama got highest klout's score (99) in Twitter according to data of, but clearly, it doesn't mean that he shall have higher influence than Michael Jordan on the NBA and sport areas. Such influences of expertise and technology skills on different areas are hard to be a...