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Guided Landing and Secure Acceptance Delivery Method for Unmanned Package Delivery Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243452D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-22
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Described is a method to enure delivery of packages via drones and accepted by the person it is being delivered to.

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Guided Landing and Secure Acceptance Delivery Method for Unmanned Package Delivery

Unmanned package delivery has already been proposed and demonstrated by at least one major on-line retailer, Amazon*. The delivery solution has been established, but there is no mention of the acceptance solution by a customer other than dropping the package off at a specific location. This invention will add a secure acceptance solution to the concept using a secure landing area (like a customized mail box) that can guide a drone (as with Amazon's proposal, an unmanned octocoptor delivery vehicle) to a drop location and secure the package until the human customer can take physical possession of the package.

    An automated and secure package acceptance scheme that can be activated by passcode or other unique security features. There are two parts to this: Secure access to a mail box or delivery area and a guidance system that can direct an unmanned package delivery vehicle to the exact delivery location (see Figures 1 and 2 below).

- Amazon develops octocopter to deliver packages, hoping for actual delivery capability in three years.

- Need secure mail box for hands-free, secure delivery to destination, located in delivery zone such as business rooftop, residential back yard, community drop zone, etc.

- Secure drop box with secure code access via Bluetooth** or other remote activated technology capable of opening the mail box (roof) when queued by octocopter enabling the drone to dr...