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Method to Help People Escape From a Submerging Automobile Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243497D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-24
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Described is a method of helping the driver and passengers to escape from a sinking vehicle. The system automatically detects whether a vehicle is in water, wake up the people, and announce instructions helping the people to escape from the car.

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Method to Help People Escape From a Submerging Automobile

According to the National Weather Service, nearly half of all flood-related deaths occur in vehicles. Every year, there are about 400 drowning deaths in automobiles in the United States. A lot of people do not know what to do when the car is submerged in water, or stuck in a flood, or in the process of sinking in a lake. If the power window is working, open windows immediately; otherwise, try to open the door. If the door cannot be opened, wait until the pressure in and out is balanced before opening the door. [1]

    Some submerging cars are caused by fatigue driving; sometimes, it is too late if the driver starts to react to the situation. A report on deaths resulting from motor vehicle immersions: the nature of the injuries, personal and environmental contributing factors, and potential interventions was published by G J Wintemute et al. [2] Many of the victims fell asleep due to fatigue.

    The proposed invention uses a contextual engine (CE) to detect whether a vehicle is submerged. A contextual engine runs on smart phone (or mobile device) and will:

Monitor the surrounding state, sensors, environment, and external information; Check the GPS for location;

Detect a vertical drop (detected by accelerometer and gyroscope);

    Check weather conditions, warnings and real-time road condition:
For example, in the event a flooded road, a mobile device that is connected to the car system (wired or wireless) will: