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Capturing high resolution pictures in vedio calls

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Publication Date: 2015-Sep-25
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This article presents a metnod of high resolution picture to be captured during compressed network video talk. With this method, high resolution picture can be captured during low resolution video.

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Capturing high resolution pictures in vedio calls

Multiple partners were established network video talk. Image was compressed during transmission in order to facilitate talk and save network width. From time to time user may want to capture a high quality picture ducting video call. User may just capture current screen which is not high resolution. User can't get a high quality picture in existing technology.

Our idea provides a method for high resolution picture to be captured during compressed network video talk. Take below scenario as a example. A , B ,C, D are in a network video talk.


Figure 1

A want to capture current high quality frame from C. A tag current frame(frameC001). This request was sent to C immediately. C has network delay to receive this request,the latest frameC001X is captured. Although there are delay, but as amount of frames are processed during a very short time. It is acceptable to get a delayed similar frame. A asynchronous process is started on C's device to padding in pixel into frameC001X during network transmission until his camera's highest resolution rate was

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reached. Then A will get this frame in a short time without interruption during video talk.

Figure 2

Figure 2 illustrates how high quality picture can be got. A sends a request of high quality picture. C padding the missed pixels from the local quality picture and generate a high quality picture and return to A.