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Inter-Device Focus System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243504D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-25
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Disclosed is a system that allows a user to turn off and then restore any or all notifications across devices from a single application.

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Inter-Device Focus System

Computer and mobile device users receive a magnitude of notifications from many sources on many devices (e.g., calendar alerts on a mobile device, e-mail notifications on a desktop, social alerts on a tablet, phone calls, smart watch taps, etc.) These notifications can come in both audible and visual forms. At some times during the day, the user does not want to be disturbed and

wants to focus or rest. A system is needed to easily silence notifications from all devices.

Currently, there is no easy way to enable a global "do not disturb" for notifications across all devices. Technology exists that allows the centralization of notifications across devices; however, it does not allow changing the notification levels of the devices. It only provides the user a single point/device that shows all notifications.

The described system allows a user to turn off all notifications across devices in order to not be disturbed . This system can be an application (app) on a mobile device, desktop computer, etc. From a single point of control, the user can also restore all notifications. The system can be further enhanced to display the inventory of all notification sources that can be manipulated and allow the user to change settings per source.

To assist the focus system in controlling notifications on devices such as smart phones , a companion app can be installed that interfaces with the smart phone operating system in order to identify and control notifications across all apps on the device . Due to this aggregation, the companion app is the only one required to communicate with the main focus system application (the two may be one in the same) to control notifications for that particular device and the associated applications .

An inter-device focus system needs to know about all devices, a...