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Filament Capacitor Design Structure Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243510D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-28
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Disclosed is a filament capacitor design structure that allows a lot of flexibility to embed capacitors in three-dimensional (3D) structures.

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Filament Capacitor Design Structure

Current solutions for filament capacitor designs do not allow much flexibility to embed capacitors in three-dimensional (3D) structures (e.g., require fixed 3D space).

The novel contribution is a filament capacitor design structure that allows a lot of flexibility to embed capacitors in 3D structures. The capacitors can be any size or shape and parts of the capacitor can be hollow inside.

This filament capacitor design structure works by creating a 3D embedded capacitor through 3D printing or lithography. This 3D capacitor structure uses filaments instead of capacitor plates. The filaments are attached to a single plate that runs the thickness of the structure. A positive plate is on one side and a negative plate is on the other

side. The filaments are alternating on each plane of the structure so that in one plane the positive and negative filaments are reversed on the plane below. This allows each filament to be surrounded by filaments of opposite polarity. In addition, the design allows the developer to keep a layer of dielectric between each conductive filament.

This design allows a hybrid plate and filament structure. The developer can break up the structure into multiple (i.e. two or more) separate serial connections so that the voltage across plates or filaments is reduced, which can lead to closer spacing of the

conductive filaments to increased capacitance.

In another embodiment, filaments do not have to extend into t...