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Embedded widgets connectivity checker before loading a web page Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243531D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-29
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In this disclosure, we claim a system and method to prevent a web site from loading lag. It comprises of (1) connectivity checker which check web access by probing a target web site and its embedded sites per geo limitation or policy, and (2) connectivity database which is a repository to store all geo-blocking ip address mapping table.

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 Embedded widgets connectivity checker before loading a web page

 Embedded widgets connectivity checker before loading a web page   

Nowadays, the web design is more diverse. Not only the single web page display, but also include the embedded video, forum or social community from other

web sites. However, the geo-blocking problem could make the web site to be lagged. For example, a web site "AAA" is inaccessible in a region "Region A" due to geo policy. When users in the region "Region A" try to access a popular web site which has an embedded web site "AAA", this makes the whole page to load extremely slow (due to waiting for the widget which can not be connected in the region "Region A").

To resolve this problem, we invent a connectivity checker before loading a page, when a visitor tries to connect to a web site, the checker gets visitor's ip address and check it can load the embedded site. If not, stop to load the embedded web site or replaced by other widget.

Core idea/Claim point

1. A checker to check if the embedded web site's connectivity for the visitors is available

2. The checker stop loading the embedded web site and replace it with some other text or sites

3. Record the connectivity and visitors' ip address mapping for later usage. ( If ip range = (180.xx.xx.xx - 190.xx.xx.xx) then stop loading)

4. The idea can be implemented in server side or client side as a web browser plugin


1. To avoid the web page always keep loading due to there...