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Self-testing API Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243545D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-30
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Diagnosis and reporting of REST API CRUD status on different functions of isolated component, important for cloud distributed systems environment.

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-testing API

testing API

This disclosure considers the lack of a solution which provides a diagnosis of API responsiveness while a particular component or components are isolated - by a malfunction - from distributed systems environment and the reason of the isolation is unknown. One of possible reasons is lack of API responsiveness or wrong results of the response. The disclosure is about how to exclude or confirm the API interface/method as the cause of the issue under the limited circumstance of component's communication.

There are some frameworks which can be used in distributed system environments, to check responsiveness of components' APIs, but they are based on external definitions of API methods and they are aggregated by the central framework which cannot be effective while the mentioned situation of isolationoccurs. To identify a malfunctioning

API interface of a potentially or actually not responsive component, this is the idea of

encapsulation of classes responsible for API by additional code which checks each interface itself. It gives always resulting self-testing API, independent of other components, hosts or network services issues which can be run on demand. API requests are important to keep remote communication in a distributed system between its remote components. First check of API interfaces should be done on installed component, before a client(e.g. not installed yet) is available to communicate, to ensure the further communication will work properly. There have to be possible to start the self-test on demand and keep it as a low profile process in the field, as the good performance is very important parameter for cloud system environment. Supporting division on different maintenance process levels should receive a quick and reliable information from crucial components about their API responsiveness, on the early stage of investigation to make debugging and diagnostic processes faster. Even there occurs any other possible communication issue, it is important to quickly exclude or confirm the

API interface is the cause of the issue. The end useralso should have a solution to recognize or eliminate an API issue to avoid too many defects submitted from the field.

Many hosts and applications connect one to each other, use remote databases, etc. Majority of the communication between them is performed with use of API calls. This is very important to keep a good performance in networks for this type of systems and not load too much by running some tests from external frameworks.

The idea is to run internal component self API test to ensure...