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Response based dynamic sub-group generation in Instant Messaging Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243552D
Publication Date: 2015-Sep-30
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The disclosure talks about a system which allows user or group admin to divide current IM(Instant Messaging) group into one or more subgroups automatically based on the responses of the member from existing group.

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Response based dynamic sub-group generation in Instant Messaging
Now-a-days, with the use of instant messaging services like Sametime, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook Messaging users can communicate with multiple people at the same time by creating groups. Based on the needs, user can indulge in one - one or one - many communications in real time using such groups. A group may consist of 2 or more users who are having common topic for discussion.

During conversation, there comes a need to further create sub groups automatically from current group to have more subjective conversation based on their responses on certain topic/question.

However, generally these groups are created manually or based on user profiles like location which are static in nature. In current systems as user instantiates a conversation within a group, it does not create further sub-groups automatically based on the responses received from the participants

Disclosed is a method to dynamically generate sub-group in a multi-member chat, based on response content analysis in Instant Messaging (IM). Proposed system will enable user to define key words in a topic while initiating conversation within a group in IM. Sub groups will be created for each keyword mentioned. Responses will be analyzed against keyword and member will be added to the sub-group associated with that keyword.


 No manual intervention required for creating group

 More effective group management based on participants interest

 Automatic dynamic group creation

 It will help create groups for active responders for meaningful conversation in a group


Method to create sub Group dynamically in an Instant Messaging group conversation based on

participant's response

The proposed system allows user or group admin to divide current IM group into one or more subgroups automatically based on the response of the member from existing group. While initiating a discussion, user will select or define keywords which will be used to create a sub-group. User can use Text decoration like Bold font for defining keywords. Each such word will define one unique sub-group. Once conversation is initiated; IM will analyze all further response messages from participants in a group. Based on the analysis of user's responses, automatically sub-group will be created and participants will be added to one or more such sub-group.


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Following flowchart explains proposed system's flow


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Following section explains working of system

 User starts a conversation in a group.

 While in conversation, she thinks of a possible fork in the conversation.

 She would like to sub-group this current group based on a question she is going to ask.

 So she thinks of possible keywords that could help her create the sub-groups.

 She posts a question with the keywords in it.

 The other participants in the group reply with their preferences. Thes...