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Smarter way of communicating unplanned OOO notification to interested users. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243559D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-01
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Paper provides an efficient system which takes care of scheduled meetings incase one of the attendees need to take unscheduled leave. It relies on SNP (Smart Notification Mdoule) to intercept all messages and then use NLP to figure out if participant would be able to make it to schedule meeting.

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Smarter way of communicating unplanned OOO notification to interested users .

Many times it happens that a person may have to take a day off due to various reasons such as ill health, personal work, urgent situations etc. In all such situations there is a need for a system which can take care of the meetings scheduled for the person for the day in question.

Considering the situation by an Example, if User A takes an adhoc leave and is not in a situation to update his mail/calendar etc, then A asks one of his/her colleagues to send an OOO mail. In such a scenario, if User A has meetings scheduled for the day, then there is no way to intimate those people unless A himself/herself logs in and mails them about the unavailability or remembers about all the meetings and people to be notified and someone else sends mail to all of those people manually. This sometimes becomes very inefficient way to notifying people and leads to awkward situation where the person who schedules the meeting himself/herself is unavailable.

In this disclosure we provide a Method for solving this problem.

A system which handles the Adhoc leaves of employees by taking care of the calendar events, Scheduled meetings, Global Meetings, Team meetings/outings, Client Interactions etc. and many more situations where the person might want to attend meetings only and is unavailable for all other work, in an appropriate manner. System as such provides an intelligent mechanism to detect user availability by analyzing artifiacts mentioning his name/email address or any other unique identifier along with unavailability message, and triggers an automated system in real time for notifying all interested people in organization through calendar lookup. Additionally system also allows custom triggers to be included for example posting a status on user profile board on user's...