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Allowing for linking of messages in Instant Messaging based systems or in mobile devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243563D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-01
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System to automatically link differnt messages in Instant message basd systems or in telecom domain to aid seamless traversal , docking or storifying or just simply printing in a particular order.

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Allowing for linking of messages in Instant Messaging based systems or in mobile devices

Messaging based systems have grown popular in recent times. Instant Messaging based systems, WhatsApp, smses on your mobile device are some examples. The problem is that there is not good way to link a previous message with the new one either while sending the messages or after a message is received at recipient's end.

There are times when sender is responding to a previous question, giving explanation to some previous message or simply extending to what he himself sent earlier. It becomes quite tedious and at times very manual to understand if the current message is linked with some previous message.

Present solution tries to solve this problem of linking messages in communication based systems.

In an instant messaging based systems or also other systems where group message exchange happens e.g. WhatsApp, at time multiple people are sending messages and it becomes difficult to keep track of who is talking to whom. Also, at times a question is asked and even an answer is given but it becomes difficult for participants to link the answer(s) with the question. Also, at times, someone tries to correct a previous message. There is no way to do that other than sending the message again with the correct spellings.

The real problem is to link messages together in these group conversations. This is what this idea tries to accomplish. The system will provide a way to link a message with any previous message. There could further be icons (or some other visual indicators) to set the 'type' of the link e.g. 'answer', 'correction', 'response' etc.

As a supplementary feature, when user tries to...