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Improving Mining Operational Efficiency Through 3D Drill Mapping Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243574D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-01
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Disclosed is a method to optimize a production mining site. This method significantly decreases the required amount of time that production mines have to wait due to slow and archaic laboratory techniques requiring several days, where data is skewed greatly due to human error and interpretation.

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Improving Mining Operational Efficiency Through 3

In order to extract minerals from open pit mine operations, large areas of interest are drilled to create blast patterns (see Figure 1). Each of the drill holes have tailings (see Figure 2) associated with it. The tailings are sampled and sent to a lab, chemically treated, and analyzed for mineral type and concentrations. From this analysis process, the extraction method (mill versus leach) is then determined. The analysis processes have several drawbacks that impact the mine's efficiency: operating costs, time to product, lack of data, and relies on human interpretation. Reducing the time to product would yield significant cost savings for mining companies and would require less infrastructure and processes for mineral extraction.

Figure 1: Open pit mining drilling

    The core idea of the invention is as follows: Utilizing 3D mapping, Big Data, and Analytics, drill hole content can be determined on the spot using an elemental mapping tool. The tool allows for real-time data capture based on the depth within the drill hole. The data then can be translated back to an overall mine site map to allow determination of best places to mine


33D Drill Mapping D Drill Mapping

Figure 2: Tailings from drill hole

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based on high content and depth of material desired as well as being able to log the extraction process that will be used for that hole. By capturing data in real-time, the mine can operate without the lengthy delays associated with chemical testing methods at a distance laboratory. Benefits:

Efficient and Cost Savings. The mining process will become smarter and reduce the time to extract minerals from the pit aiding in pit to port times. Additionally, will reduce operating expenses.

Information. Using this process, more i...