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Method and System for Group Cheating Detection During Exams based on Studentsâ?T Interaction Logs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243585D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-04
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A method and system is disclosed for detecting group cheating during exams based on studentsâ?T interaction logs.

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Method and System for Group Cheating Detection During Exams based on Students' Interaction Logs

Disclosed is a method and system for detecting group cheating during exams based on students' interaction logs.

Consider a scenario, where one or more students are performing a same set of one or more exercises at a same time frame by utilizing one or more digital device such as portable devices, and laptops. A digital device also includes a student location application and a notification application for a proctor .

The method and system disclosed herein detects potential group cheating behavior based on navigation and one or more interaction patterns gathered from one or more individual activity logs stored in the one or more digital devices.

The system gathers location of each student in a classroom manually by a proctor or automatically using the student location applications installed in the digital devices of the students. Once the students start to undertake the one or more exercise through one or more applications, students' interaction logs with the applications is recorded. A student's interaction log may include activity such as time when a student started and stopped to visualize an exercise, answer provided by the student to an exercise. The interaction information is submitted to a remote server. The remote server identifies potential cheating behavior based on interaction log and a student's location .

Possible strategies to identify potential cheating b...