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Improved protection system to avoid exposure of electronic components such as elements of inverters or other parts of a photovoltaic grid to direct sunlight and adverse weather conditions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243631D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-07
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Improved protection system to avoid exposure of electronic components, such as elements of inverters or other parts of a photovoltaic grid, to direct sunlight and adverse weather conditions

In most cases, installation manuals state to avoid exposing to direct sunlight electronic components of inverters or of other parts of a photovoltaic grid into which the inverters are installed.

Several solutions are based on fixed shields, often customized for the customers.

Fixed shields give adequate protection performances, but they must be detached when working on the electronic devices.

A solution is herein disclosed, involving a use of a tilting shield for providing a protection to sunlight and other adverse weather conditions, involving an improvement with respect to known fixed shields. The proposed solution is also related to a safety system that allows opening the tilting shield and blocking it in the open position, while service operations are carried out.

In below figures 1-4 there is illustrated for example a shield which is pivoted in a tiltable way with a solar inverter, in particular with the flanks of the casing of such inverter.

In particular, in figures 1-4 the tilting shield is illustrated in its closed position, where it is arranged substantially parallel to the inverter.

A safety system for an operator is also provided, comprising at least one safety bracket, which is illustrated in its rest position in figures 1-4.

In particular, the illustrated safety bracket has a first end fixed to the tilting shield by means of a first pin, and a second end with a shaped slot defined therethrough.

A second pin extending from a corresponding flank of the inverter casing is inserted into the slot of the safety bracket.

Figures 1-4: invert installed horizontally and vertically, with the associated tilting shield in its closed position

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With reference to below figures 5-6, the safety bracket moves away from its rest position when the operator begins to open the tilting shield. This movement is guided by the second pin; in particular, during this movement, the edges of a main portion of the slot slide onto the second pin.

Figures 5-6: opening operation of the tilting shield, with the inverter...