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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243632D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-07
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Generally, a Ferrite Bead or a RF cable clamp is used to suppress the radio frequency emission in electronic devices (Fig.1).

Fig. 1: ferrite bead and RF cable clamp:

The ferrite bead and cable clamp are usually assembled in factory, directly on the cable to be filtered. They could be also assembled on the field/customer, but in this case it is not possible verifying if the activity has been done correctly.

In the herein proposed solution, a plastic tool is devised having Ferrite fitted internally.

The plastic tool has two threads adapted to enable fixing onto cable glands (Fig.2).

In this way, the installer of the system will pass the connection cable through the cable glands and through the ferrite bead filter into the plastic tool.

Fig. 2: Plastic tool of RF Filter:

Top side thread

Bottom side thread

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In figure 3 is reported a cross section of an exemplary application, where is possible to see the cable gland fixed to the chassis of the system, the plastic tool with inside the ferrite bead screwed on the cable gland and the connection cable passing through the cable gland/plastic+ferrite tool.

Fig.3: Vertical section of an exemplary inverter (Connection side):

Cable gland

Connection cable

According to the above disclosed solution, a Ferrite bead can be fixed directly on the cable through the plastic tool during the cabling phase of the system.

The above disclosed plastic tool i...