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Algorithm to discover Latitude and Longitude of Solar Inverter plant Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243633D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-07
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Algorithm to discover Latitude and Longitude of Solar Inverter plant

An algorithm is herein disclosed, for diagnosing and recovering misconfigured solar plants based on the incoming information from the field.

This information could be used to verify the configuration of the plant and also to identify the country where the plant is installed. Additionally it can be used to automatic configure the Country Standard, the Language and other setups valid for that specific plant, all these via remote and in automatic way

Information related to the plant, that can be collected by a monitoring device, such as a Data Logger or a Web Server, is basically used to monitor the produced energy and the plant status (event, warning and alarm).

An example of a perfect plant behavior is the following:

This plot is referring on the power produced by the plant. It is well symmetric because the shape of the power is generated in similar way during sunrise and sunset periods.

Sun top happened at 12:30

The sunrise happened at 7:30

The sunset happened at 17:45.

                         Hence, the sunrise time has a time duration of 5h and the sunset time has a time duration of 5h15m; the rise time and set time are substantially symmetric.

Sunrise & Sunset

The monitoring devices are synchronized with the UTC/GMT time (the time at Greenwich longitude 0°). This means that all measurements provided by the monitoring devices are tagged with UTC/GMT label. Additionally, it is possible to gather information related to the produced power that is related to the sun presence.

As soon as the inverter starts to produce energy, the monitoring device tags and saves the RTC (Real Time Clock)Sunrise Time Stamp (SRTS); the monitoring device is also adapted to identify the time when the inverters stop to provide energy and to tag and save the RTC Sunset Time Stamp (SSTS).

Suppose that the behavior of the plant is perfectly symmetric. In this case, the daylight will be

Daylight = SSTS - SRTS [1]

Additionally the sun is in the top position in the mid of the daylight (supposing the power produced symmetry in an ideal day).


SunTop = STT = SRTS + Daylight/2 = (SSTS - SRTS)/2 [2a]

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