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Automated Clearing House News - Third Quarter 1988 Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243640D
Original Publication Date: 1988-Jan-01
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ACH newsletter from 1988

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Automated Clearing House News

Third Quarter 1988

New York Automated Clearing House 100 Broad Street
New York, N.Y 10004
(212) 612-9200

Ralph, now smarter and faster, gives electronic users more help

If a lady answers, don't hang up. Ralph, the talking com- puter that helps electronic NYACH users to increase ef- ficiency, has a pleasant new voice to go with his/her en- hanced capabilities.

''The new voice was a nice way to draw attention to the new Ralph," says George Thomas, New York Clearing House vice president, systems development and technical ser- vices. "With our move to Weehawken, we were able to in- stall additional lines to make Ralph, our audio response system, more responsive to our participants. Now Ralph can handle seven calls at a time. What's more, Ralph now has step-ahead action, so callers aren't slowed down with tedious, step-by-step questions and answers, as in the past. When ACH users call Ralph to check on whether their files were received and processed properly, they now get up-to-the-minute file status and rarely get a busy signal."

Before Ralph was upgraded, participating institutions would normally wait to hear from the Automated Clearing House staff if any of their electronic files were not received properly. The new inquiry function provides originators with im- mediate notification on the status of transmitted files, elimi- nating pressure on the participant to correct an abnormal situation at the end of the day.

"We've had a very good reaction to the new Ralph," notes Frank Sardina, manager, ACH operations, "but we still have a few people who are not using Ralph consistently. The best way is to make it a matter of routine. Just make it a habit to check with Ralph within an hour of transmitting a file. "

NYACH tells why.electronic is better

In an article in the October issue of the magazine Com- puters in Banking, William M. Walsh, senior vice president of the New York Clearing House, tells how-and why- NYACH is helping members go all-electronic. He cites impor- tant benefits to the institutions, their customers and NYACH:

• Anti-fraud security is enhanced because electronic trans- actions are checked and delivered under the control of a computerized authentication system.

• Users eliminate expensive and delay-prone courier, postal and express delivery.

• Users and NYACH can eliminate manual rehandling of physical media, which is error-prone and labor intensive.

• DFls no longer face rising fees for non-electronic trans- actions, such as paper returns ..

• Time delays and package losses associated with moving physical media are eliminated.

• Institutions improve customer and staff satisfaction by transmitting information and payment instructions faster.

• DFI staff training is faster, because there is just one elec- tronic system for all transaction processing.

Electronic converts will tell all at conference

NACl-:IA will present a show-and-tell session at the 1989 National Automated Cleari...