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Automated Clearing House News - Fourth Quarter 1986 Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243642D
Original Publication Date: 1986-Jan-01
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ACH newsletter from 1986

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Automated Clearing House News

Fourth Quarter1986

New York Automated Clearing House 100 Broad Street
New York, N.Y. 10004
(212) 612-9200

NYACH offers series of PC interface "hands-on'' demonstrations

For institutions that have not yet decided to acquire the per- sonal computer interface to the ACH, the New York Auto- mated Clearing House is offering a series of practical work- ing demonstrations. Sessions are limited to small groups so that attendees can experience for themselves the ease of using the program.

Since NYACH began implementation of the PC interface program in May, interest has been high. In recent months, in response to user needs, new time-saving communica- tions capabilities have been added to permit automatic transmission of files, tickets and settlement data.

Although the program was originally targeted only to smaller- volume institutions, NYACH recently developed a synchro- nous communications interface that permits transmissions at 2400 BPS and 4800 BPS, enabling use of the PC for significantly higher volumes. PC performance now parallels through-put available previously only to large mainframe computers. For example, in a recent test, over 14,000 records were transmitted in an hour, using a 4800 BPS
line and an IBM "AT" level PC.

The demonstration sessions began November 12 and are planned to be held weekly as long as participant interest continues. The one-and-a-half-hour sessions at the Clear- ing House are free of charge, and a full array of software is available for use. For information and reservations, call NYACH executive director Martin Schumer (212) 613-0196 or Rick Plummer (212) 613-0146.

Project manager Richard S. Plummer (right), designer of the PC interface software, is shown here reviewing thE;i program with NYCHA vice president George F. Thomas (left) and NYACH executive director Martin Schumer.

Coming: a NACHA school for study of EFT and cash management

The Payments Institute, the first professional school for the study of corporate and retail automated payments, will be offered by NACHA next June on the campus of the Univer- sity of Colorado in Boulder.

Courses are planned for those who are relatively new in the field of electronic funds transfer and cash management, in- cluding corporate and government treasurers, bank cash managers, third-party processors and software vendors. Ses- sions will cover ACH payment applications as well as other EFT payments, such as on-line ATMs and POS networks, videotext services, and their interchange with the ACH.

John F. Lee, executive vice president of the New York Clear- ing House Association, will be a member of the faculty of the week-long Institute. " A school of this kind offers to a growing body of ACH users and providers the latest infor- mation and technology concerning a most efficient payment mechanism," Lee observed. " The curriculum also reflects the growing maturity of the NACHA organization. I hope that depository financial institutions will tak...