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Automatic Phone Number Translation Based on End-User Location Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243681D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-09
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Disclosed is a service that automatically updates telephone numbers included as part of an email signature to show the correct numbers the recipient must dial to place an international call to the sender.

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Automatic Phone Number Translation Based on End -

The formats for telephone numbers are location dependent ; the numbers needed to place a call differ based on the callee's location . With global communication now commonplace, a simple system is needed that enables a user to enter a phone number and find the international dialing equivalent.

The novel solution is to have phone numbers that are part of an email signature displayed in alternate formats based on the location of the end -user viewing the email. This is an automatic phone number translation . For example, if someone in NY sends an email to a colleague in India, the system automatically updates the phone number of the NY sender in the email signature to show the number the person in India has to dial in order to connect with the colleague in NY. The system can also include a time stamp.

To implement this capability, the system uses existing technology that is often embedded in email and calendar entries to detect phone numbers and then convert the text to hotlinks for click and dial capabilities. The new capability extends that technology to check the device location profile and, based upon the location of the recipients' device, automatically adjust the phone number. The auto adjustment can use an internal international dialing table, an associated application, or an Application Programming Interface (API) that performs a look-up /replace based on the sender's phone number format and the recipient location .

The device/end user location can be based on Global Positioning Systems (GPS) (e.g., for mobile devices) or an Internet Protocol (IP) address or Wi-Fi gateway (e.g., laptops).

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