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Method and System for Extinguishing Fire on a Drone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243700D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-13
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Disclosed is a method and system for extinguishing a fire on a drone. The system comprises a perforated drone body, wax-filled perforations, fire extinguishing system that uses gas/foam, and small parachutes to reduce the drone’s free-falling speed.

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Method and System for Extinguishing Fire on a Drone

In-flight fire can occur in a drone. This causes the operator to lose control and the drone to freely fall from sky, which can then cause a serious accident.

Existing airplane fire suppression systems are primarily designed to protect the people in the aircraft. As a drone is an unmanned craft, a system is needed to protect people and structures on the ground. A method and system are needed by which a fire can be

extinguished while a drone is in flight.

The novel contribution is a method and system for extinguishing a fire on a drone.

With this system, the design includes the drone body having multiple holes (as in a perforated pipe), which are sealed with wax. If fire occurs, the sealed wax melts, opening the holes. The fire extinguishing material (e.g., gas or foam) is stored inside the surface of the perforated body. When the holes open, the installed fire extinguishing system activates, releasing a fire extinguishing gas/foam through the holes.

In addition, the drones contain multiple small, built-in parachutes. If fire occurs, the parachutes open to reduce the free-falling speed of the drone, allowing the fire extinguishing system time to control the fire and reduce risk.

Following are the implementation steps

1. Drone is comprised of:

A. Perforated body; holes are filled with wax

    B. Fire extinguishing system on the inner surface of the drone body C. Multiple small parachutes fixed at the surface of the dr...