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An enhanced method for providing associated input method with high efficiency Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243724D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-15
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This article introduce an enhanced association input method which allow user add any attribute words between inputted and associating words, it will put the expected associated words to candidate array and user can input it again with an effective operation which can increase the input speed.

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An enhanced method for providing associated input method with high efficiency

Through nearly 20 years of continuous improvement, input method has achieved a substantial increase of input speed. Among hundreds of improving means, various input methods were applied to the association, massively increased the input speed. Associated input method especially for Chinese character changed a lot in the past few. However, the existed association mechanism has some limitation. In most of the cases, if user want to add a few words between what they have typed and the associated word, the associated words will disappear and they have to type it again. This means the association is not working quite well in this case, and especially on the small keyboard of most smartphones, the speed people putting down words is largely influenced by this issue. This is association limitation so it impacts all input methods which use association, include Pinyin, Wubi, English, etc..

This invention is related to Chinese character input technology, providing an enhanced Chinese character associated input method.

In some of the cases, after user typed something on the screen with associating word selections following up, they might want to add something between the word they have typed in and what the computer think they will be putting down while user still want to hold both of them. But when user continues typing, the associated word will just never show up again.

The method comprises the steps as follows:

S1, Input to a screen by an input end is received;

S2, The words associated is displayed and stored in an associated array;

S3, Press and hold the words we want to input later
S4, Add the word being held to the top of associated array
S5, Continue to input other words and choose the selected word if necessary
S6, Remove the word from associated array if it is selected or pressed and held

For example, input "注意你的身体", in current association method, while user input "注意", the word "身体" will shows in association array, but what they need for now is the attribute word "你的", in this case, if user input "你的" here, the association array will be re-generated by the last input word which is "", thus the word "身体" is missing even it is a valid candidate.


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For example, if user want to say "To be a vegetarian or not to be a vegetarian", from what the association method is right now, they will be able to select "or not to be" from the input method if they put down "To be". While user continue by typing "a vegetarian", "or not to be" will never be back. Refer to Fig. 1 for traditional association method.

Fig. 1, Traditional association method

Taking the above case as another example, after user input "注意", the word "身体" will show up in the association array. By the new enhanced input method, user can press and hold the word "身体", then it will always shows in the candidate array, user can continue input any other w...