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A system and method to make the nearest merchant more accurate Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243725D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-15
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Nowadays, Group-purchase and Coupon are popular when customer consuming in Mall and there are Mobile Apps that provide the merchant list. But these Apps normally cannot provide an accurate nearby merchants when the merchants are in the same building. This disclosure provide a low cost and easy implemented way to make Mobile Apps provide a more accurate nearest Merchant list by leveraging connected WIFI and nearby WIFI strength information that comes from mobile device and the WIFI name provided by merchant.

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A system and method to make the nearest merchant more accurate

Currently, Group-purchase, Coupon are popular when customer consuming in Mall especially in restaurant. Mobile Apps provide a merchant list to help customers to find the nearest merchant, and merchants that have Group- purchase or Coupon. But the "nearest" merchant is always not accurate when many merchants are settled in one building. The most bad experience is, when someone sit in a restaurant, connect to WIFI provided by this restaurant, and open an App to find if there is any Group- purchase or Coupon in this restaurant, but this restaurant is not in the first of the nearest merchant list, it is even in the next several pages.


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To resolve this problem, this disclosure to combine the WIFI signal strength as a weight to enhance the GSP generated distance information of the merchant, and used for sort on merchant list.

Although there are more and more system to locate mobile user by WIFI, but it always take WIFI as a replication of GPS, or a main information source, it requires many information, e.g. the WIFI provider's registration position which need the support with the operator. In this disclosure, it only need the application to read the information in the mobile device: connected WIFI name, and a candidate WIFI list with strength. It should cost less.

Currently Groupon/Coupon Apps providing a merchant list with the following information:
Merchant name (String)

Merchant location (text string and GPS coordinate)

Merchant phone number (List)