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Web browser distributed cache plugin Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243731D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-15
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Below publication presents a distributed browser cache with P2P elements, leveraging benefits of high through-output of local area network.

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Web browser distributed cache plugin

Modern web browsers have advanced download managers , accelerators etc. which allows to pull all relevant files from Internet in the most possible quick way . Known solutions allow to speed up the download process by downloading in parallel smaller portions of data and merging when all parts are downloaded . Unfortunately, it is limited by the network bandwidth that is either defined on download source or local provider limits on external gateway. Downloading smaller portions of data in parallel allows to get higher network bandwidth by multiplication of downloaded process . Unfortunately, it is still limited by slow external connectivity which again can be slow when more advanced bandwidth limit solution is implemented on source fileserver or on the local gateway.

In this article we resolve external connectivity problems and performance limitations by proposing web browser distributed cache plugin which is local network oriented .

The idea is about using web browser distributed cache which is local network oriented and allows to interoperate with other web browsers running in local network which provides already available/downloaded external resources. We utilize characteristic of local end user groups that is focused on commonly accessed external resources (files, web pages, services etc.). This characteristic allows to re-use already available locally resources and pull data from web browsers distributed cache in the most efficient manner. The solution is provided in form of lightweight web browser plugin that allows to easily register, query and exchange files within web browser distributed cache .

The system contains following elements:
1. Web browser distributed cache mechanism that provides registration , querying and resource exchange interface
2. Distributed cache load balancing mechanism that allows to download different resources parties in the most efficient manner
3. Web browser distributed cache plugin that communicates with distributed cache stored on other web browser plugin clients


The web browser download distributed cache it is a five stage...