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A method and apparatus for intensive listening in mobile devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243733D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-15
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Existing progress bar cannot satisfy intensive listening needs in that: The progress bar is too short to be interacted with, especially when you want listen to a specific short part, all you can do is to randomly drag the button on the bar. This disclosure introduces a method that automatically decomposes an audio record and allows you to interact with different segments of the records more accurately.

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A method and apparatus for intensive listening in mobile devices

When you want to intensively listen to a piece of audio record in you mobile device . For example, record of a con-call. You might feel that it is difficult to quickly locate to the part of a specific person, and the progress bar is so short (due to the size limitation of mobile device especially your cell phone) that it is difficult to interact with the bar to intensively listen to what this specific person said .

The claim points of this disclosure are:
The method automatically decomposes an audio record into segments, thus the progress bar is broken down to segments marked with


The method allows you to interact with the segments by:

Auto-fit the progress bar of a selected segment into full screen to facilitate intensive listening . Pinch and spread the length of progress bar to elongate or shorten the progress bar to your needs . Pinch and spread the width of progress bar to fasten or slow down the speed .

Claim point 1. The progress bar is decomposed into colored segments based on distinguish different speakers by their pitch and tone.

Take a typical meeting (a host and a few more attendees) for example, there might also be segments in which no one is speaking.

Claim point 2. A colored segment can be selected and auto-fit to full screen so that it is easier for you to interact with




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the segment.

A segment which occupies 1/10 of the total record, the original space for interaction might be 1cm. After you select this segment to autofix in...