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a new methodology for web application response transmission Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243744D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-16
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currrent web20 application always requires big bandwidth, there often occurs bottlenect in network situation, it's really important to address this issue to avoid network traffic disaster. This disclosure descibes a new way of package the response data for web request and mark it with all the target dest addresses in current sceond instead of response per request. which take huge improvement.

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a new methodology for web application response transmission

web application always facing huge accessing pression, the solution is always en-rich the power of the server, en-large the bandwidth, which always cause a lot of cost, another solution is do the performance tuning on the application, but which is also in limited response. This disclosure describe a new way to tremendously shrink bandwidth requirement, which as a result, will optimize the bandwidth issue for the server

This disclosure includes following major point:

1> a new response mechanism for the web server:

- for the same resource, keep the all the responses in current second, record all the income dests.

     - re-package the same response as one content with different dests instead of different (content & dest) pair 2> router/switcher will copy the same content, and route it to different dest to shrink the network bandwidth

The new methodology works in the following way:

1> the web server will hold the all the requests for the same resource in current second

2> record all the source address of each request

3> make the data package with all the source address

4> send out the response to the router

5> router will digest the source destination and re-distribute them based on their neighbourhood

6> the data package with only one content will following the income/outcome path in router/switcher and finally deliver to client


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The resource data package is in following way:


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1> di...