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Personal Communication Evaluator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243748D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-16
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• Every day people involve in several conversations/meetings, some of them are work related and some of them are personal. • Unless the other person evaluates our speaking abilities and provides feedback or the user input the recorded speech into a speech analysis tool, he/she usually do not get feedback about speech etiquette, slang, grammar, fillers, tone, pitch etc. • Proposed is a software that will act as our Personal Assistant which can analyze our communication skills and etiquette based on the context (Business talk, casual talk, conference calls, etc.)and provide continues feedback and suggestions • This is to handle lack of assistance for evaluating individual’s communication abilities wherever and whenever required • Usage of speaking etiquette, slang, grammar, fillers, pauses, pitch, tone varies for each context. However, the proposed system that can understand the context and provide feedback accordingly • Most of the times it happens unintentionally and ignored as users do not get continuous feedback for improvement

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Personal Communication Evaluator

• Create a software/application which will evaluate individual's verbal communication abilities and provide continuous feedback.

- It can be installed in mobile/fixed devices - It will record user's conversation and analyze as configured by the user.

- It will remember user's voice and analyzes only his/her speech in the background and provides feedback in the form of a text/graphs/voice.

- It will store all the previous speeches and does a comparative analysis to catch repetitive mistakes and indicates the learning curve.

- It will understand user's context and provide suggestions accordingly. For example, if the discussion is in a business meeting, it does not recommend usage of slang, shortcuts, bad words etc. In a casual talk with friends it ignores some of these things.

- It will understand the context based on the several parameters such as opening of the speech, user's calendar, time, by understanding the terminology used during the talk etc.

- It will also provide recommendations for improvement



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