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Social Recruiting: Orchestrating targeted information cascades for improving social influencers’ response under budget constraints

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Publication Date: 2015-Oct-16
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Recruitment through social network is the current business and industry recruitment model. Effectiveness often is dependent on the following: · Spamming nodes with unwanted forwarding requests results in Job descriptions often being dropped in the nodes and not reaching the destination. · Learning whether the nodes are willing to forward the requests. · Identifying the path to reach a target node given a set of nodes that has varying forwarding capacity. Our discussion with the HR partners indicates that their response over the social media is as low as 3 percent.

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Social Recruiting: Orchestrating targeted information cascades for improving social influencers' response under budget constraints

Technical Problem & Goals:
 Given a recruitment network and set of JD under two scenarios
o JDs appear in sequence at different times, and they have to be routed with budget constraints in place, and
o Group of JDs appear at the same time, they have to be routed such that they do not conflict with each other.

 Our aim is to the aim is to orchestrate the information to the right targets by
o Identifying the influencers under budgets and budgets can be at the individual level or at the group level.

(Example Network)

Individual budgets

 Increasing the chance of returns for a JD by allowing budgets for certain skills at the receiver node. o Example - not more than 1 JD with java skill will reach node "d" that has a java skill.
o Supposing there are two JD's with the similar requirements then only one of them should reach the candidate so that

Group budgets


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 Competing JD should not be sent to the same person even intermediate person.

 2 sets of constraints
o Constraints that define which nodes are to be targeted

Matching of the JD and the skill

Position in the queue and number of JDs already received
o Constraints that define the paths to reach the target nodes

Level of influence

Budget, in terms of number of times node is willing to forward JDs Willingness to forward


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Tasks involved:
 When one or more JDs are received, identify the matching nodes
 Once match...