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System and Method to coordinate distributed operating procedure using SMS based Mobile app Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243756D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-16
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System and method to coordinate distributed testing on different test locations for same test procedure. Different testers will execute different steps of the procedure in a synchronous way. This will be coordinated using SMS based mobile application.

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System and Method to coordinate distributed operating procedure using SMS based Mobile app

Disclosed is a system and method to coordinate distributed testing for same test procedure using SMS based mobile application.

When there is a need to do a coordinated /synchronized set of steps in a remote location like an oil field, gas pipeline, offshore rigs etc, typically you will need to either take print out of the

procedure or download the procedure into a mobile device and co-ordinate the activity steps using a walkie talkie. Also the verification record of the steps taken and the individual executing the step needs to be recorded in an electronic format after the individual actors return back to their offices from the field. Firstly in the meanwhile - the supervisors back in the office are either not aware - or have to monitor the voice communication to figure out what is happening - and at what step the team is in. Also the team has to be trained with certain communication

protocol to make sure the communication is unambiguous and clear.

The proposal is to bring automation in the recording of the steps to
1. Avoid special communication training need
2. Avoid ambiguity in coordination of the activity
3. Bring clarity to the monitoring/supervisory staff
4. Instantaneous recording of the actions in a central server

The proposed method will use SIM capable mobile tablet devices and SMS capabilities at the core of the solution. A coordinated activity is setup on a server - the team then logs in using their individual account to the server and downloads the procedure. Their account is also linked to the

phone number of the SIM on their device. Then the team fans out into the field. Once individual 1 mark the 1st step as complete, a SMS is sent to the sever . The server records it and then sends a SMS to the rest of the teams phone numbers that step 1 is complete. Then the next person executes his assigned step and marks it as complete. And the same cycle repeats without having to talk on a walkie talkie along with realtime recording of the step execution. In many areas in our country, there is not good internet connectivity via mobile devices. So, SMS is chosen as way to interact with server.

The system will have one coordinating server as well as one SMS server. It will also have a mobile app which can download the procedure from the server when connected. When a

procedure is downloaded from the server, the server keeps the information which mobile devices have downloaded it for later use. When a team of operators go to remote location for doing the operation/test on the system, they will download the procedure assigned to them. Different steps of test can be executed by different tester. When a tester executes a step, information is sent as JSON string to SMS server via SMS. SMS server processes it and updates the server. Coordination s...