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System and method for Smart access to meeting room Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243759D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-16
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Today's meeting reservation systems are either costly or highly proprietery. Using a centralized system like enterprise mai server it is possible to make these systems highly inexpensive by linking access to meeting rooms with meeting reservations system. Using either of smart card access or QR code access to meeting rooms, we can move away from honour based meeting reservation systems.

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System and method for Smart access to meeting room

Large organizations would have lot of common facilities to be managed centrally, like meeting rooms, specialized equipment, devices etc., located over multiple floors and buildings and most of the times in different geographies . In today's enterprise world reservation management for meeting rooms and other facilities is done in many ways. One commonly followed method is to use enterprise mail server for meeting room reservation. It may include reservation system for other facilities like devices and other common resources.

The problem with these solutions are twofold - it is mostly an honorary system and it is costly to implement. For example, if a person books a meeting room with the current reservation system, there is no way to enforce that, unless other participants in the enterprise honors the protocol. Hence additional solution to make meeting room smarter is required. In other cases, the solution implemented is very costly and mostly proprietary. Hence current proposal is to have a very cost-effective solution for providing smart access to the meeting rooms and other common resources in an enterprise, but not limited to it.

The core is to have the centralized facility reservation system comprising an Enterprise mail server (but not limited to it) linked to enterprise access systems that manages access controls to physical areas.

Proposal is to provide time bound access to the facilities for a requested set of people by (1) enabling access IDs for requested facilities (2) Use dynamically generated QR code as part of resource reservation acceptance that provides time-bound physical access.

The greatest advantage of this proposal is that there is no need to change the existing infrastructure and methods for reserving the facilities and rooms but bring smartness into the system that is efficient and cost effective. It is an unique proposal to integrate enterprise access systems with enterprise mail server systems for smart access. It is also an unique and cost-effective proposal to dynamically generate QR codes for access purpose in an enterprise set up.

In a system where meeting rooms/resources are controlled by smart card access systems, the facility reservation system would have permission to grant or revoke the temporary access to such facilities. It implies and necessitates, the reservation system like mail server to integrate with the...