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System and Method to make email systems “Social” through Attention indicators Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243762D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-16
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This publication proposes a system and method to alert email recipients of a "mention" or "task allocation" from within the email body. A complete workflow for the task allocation, completion and notification is defined as part of this system.

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System and Method to make email systems "Social" through Attention indicators

In present day scenario, social business is imperative for a successful organization and thereof social collaboration and is becoming an integral part of our social and corporate culture with collaboration both within the organizations and outside with our customers. Email communication is still the most used and effective communication medium even today with large number of emails sent to multiple people in To:, CC: and BCC: fields on a daily basis.

As email etiquettes demands, we have people who need to action the email in the To: list and people who need to be aware/ informed are usually in the CC: list and may not be active participants in the email communication. As the email chain grows with multiple responses to the email, soon enough there are situations when an action item is assigned to one of the members who are in the cc: list. Since these people in the cc: list have not been active participants and may not be actively following the thread, they may overlook the action required from them and the particular item would not be worked on/ actioned.

This presents a need for a system and method to bring the email to the attention of the recipient/s who are mentioned in the email to action specific tasks irrespective of them being in the To: or cc: fields, and notifications to the task owners and originators to ensure tasks are carried out and completed
Currently, there is no option provided to select an individual's name as defined in the user registry in the body of the email, nor is there a way for the recipient to know that his name is being mentioned in the content of the mail for a particular task, unless he reads through each and every mail that he is being cc'd on.

Here is a mechanism to alert email recipients who are part of an on-going communication, who are being mentioned or assigned tasks as part of this communication. This is critical considering a person who needs to action a task is alerted and thereby responds/ acts promptly to requests/ tasks assigned to him/ her.

This ensures that there is a To Do assigned with a time/ date of completion to a person who has been given a task to be carried out thereby ensuring that the alert is acted upon in a timely manner.

Also, there is an indicator when an action is completed by the individual being alerted. Essentially, the sender of the email also is alerted when an assigned action is completed. This ensures when a task is completed or is being carried out, the sender of the email is made aware from time to time and therefore he/ she does not have to wait for a response

The mechanism ensures timely action is carried out in spite of a large amounts of information being passed on over email chains.

1) Provide a method to select names of the members in the To: and cc: list.

a mechanism is provided to be able to select names of users who are part of the To: list and cc: list (Fig
1). If we have a...