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Polltags: A system and method for social media users to create instant surveys through simple posts using a unique notation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243772D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-16
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The article here describes the method to create instant polls using polltags on Social network.

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Polltags: A system and method for social media users to create instant surveys through simple posts using a unique notation

Background: 'If we aren't sleeping or alone, we are social media', won't be an exaggeration anymore! how many will disagree? Social media has become such a vital part of our lives that, almost 'everything' is being done on this tricky platform called 'social media'. Started with the core idea of 'staying in touch', now it's touching every aspect of life, be it sharing (almost EVERYTHING), wishing, rewarding, recognizing, invitations, reminders, shopping, job searches and what not. It seems to be revolving around a known fact (a result of modern age evolution) that, we need social endorsement (by means of LIKEs and comments) of each decision/act we proceed with, to be self-satisfied and getting a sense purpose and accomplishment.

On the other hand, surveys have become very prevalent these days, allowing one to involve the target audience/stakeholders (anonymous or otherwise) in the decision making process. Starting from a personal interest to huge enterprise decisions, this is all over.

Problem: Endorsement leading to sense of accomplishment is great, but quite often than not, may be because of something called 'social etiquette', we don't get to know the criticism or disapprovals of our decisions/actions. There is no 'DISLIKE' option, right? Hence some people, being little proactive, make their social network part of the decision making by asking text-based questions to decide what is good/bad, what works/not. But the breadth & depth of one's network makes it overwhelming sometimes by the volume of text-based suggestions/posts, making it almost impossible to drill down to a meaningful conclusion. This brings us to the other easy/popular choice so called 'Survey/Polls' (as mentioned earlier). But the challenge is, the current social platforms don't have a direct way of conducting surveys/polls, if available, there's additional effort needed, can't be achieved through the simple way of posting text. Proposed solution:

 An instant poll can be created during the social media (Facebook, LinkedIn or an enterprise

  platform like 'Connections') posting itself
 This uses the popular 'tagging' like convention, named as 'Polltags'
 All the poll option/choice text (word/sentence) will start with the symbol/character '?'
 A sample/example (Facebook)

 There'll be an option to post it as normal text (not poll question)

 Social media application will show them highlighted (as hyperlinks)

 Responders just need to click on their choice, the count of responses 'for' a choice will be displayed next to it.


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 These results will be shown to the responder only upon completion of his action (voting) - Configurable

 The selection (voting) will be mutually exclusive, meaning multiple options can't be chosen (voted) by same responder

 Upon selecting an option (say A), the count of A gets incremen...