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Alternative Physical Lock for Laptops Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243777D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-16
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Disclosed is a technique to build a locking mechanism for a Laptop to ensure security. The suggested locking mechanism includes a device which comes in-built with laptop itself, and will have adjustable sliding flaps, using which the user can lock the laptop when mounted to a table. Digital locking feature is an additional enhancement to this, which allows user to lock the laptop remotely using a security code that could be set by them.

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Alternative Physical Lock for Laptops


An organization focusing on Integrity and Security of Data is Prime motive behind it. Every individual strive to protect the Integrity of data by safeguarding the portable laptop with a Physical locking mechanism.


Physically locking the laptop may not be always possible for multiple reasons.

Can we develop a system which can adjust and adapt to the place where the laptop is mounted.

 Can it have an adjustable handler at its base that can be used when required?

 Can it identify the Asset owner and check the Authorization with a digitally issued lock Code?

 Can it be integrated with an app on mobile/Bluetooth that Auto Controls the physical locking mechanism?


Proposed system reduces the problem of laptop security by providing a laptop mechanism which includes a peripheral that comes in-built with the Laptop, and there by allows the user to lock it either manually or digitally.

How it works?

This locking device will have adjustable sliding flaps (non-breakable, flexible) on both sides of scroll pad.

When laptop is mounted on a table, the user can lock it using the flexible flaps which opens up towards the table edge and will hold to fix it to the table.

The flaps edge will have a material which can fix to the table.

The locking mechanism will be triggered when:

 User manually locks using push button.

 Users Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/ZigBee went out of range.

 Digital locking feature could be enabled by setting a user code. The method will be linked to a mobile app using Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/ZigBee, which remote controls the locking mechanism when user moves away from range.

Additional features:

Using laptop's which have front camera, the unauthorized user trying to access the lock will be captured and is saved to the cloud.

The Integrated...