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Secured Instant Chat Message Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243778D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-16
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While users are chatting, sometimes users will share the secured information which they want only that intended person should read it and no one else. • But they are not sure who else along with that person is on the other end reading that message. They end up not sharing the information in that chat or they will share without any clue about other person. • Currently there are applications which will lock the chat application to restrict unauthorized users access. But even if the authorized user is accessing the chat application. There are likely chances that someone who is sitting along with the intended person might be reading the messages on the receiving end. • The receiver might not get a chance to tell the sender that someone sitting next to me, so don’t share secure messages • And sender without knowing that will send a secure message and that eventually is read by the unintended user who is sitting next to the receiver. • There is no system which can stop unintended users who are sitting next to the receiver, reading the secured messages.

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Secured Instant Chat Message

    • When 2 persons are chatting using instant messaging application, the sender will be given an option of marking the message as secure. If the sender wants to send a secure message to the receiver he will mark it as secure and send it.

• When the receiver gets the secured message, in the chat window it will be protected by a password lock. That particular message during the chat will not be shown to receiver unless receiver gives the password.

• The password to open any secured message in an instant chat will be set by that receiver beforehand. So if receiver wants to see that secured message they have to give that password and then only the receiver can see that secured message.

• This can be drilled down to a group chat as well. When the sender sends a secured message all the receivers should give their respective passwords to see that message

• Proposed is a 2 password mechanism,

- Pre-configured Primary password, when receiver give this password it will show the message in the chat window

- Pre-configured Secondary password which when entered will say incorrect password at receiver end,
But reply the sender with a message that "someone is next to me be cautious while u chat"

- Both Primary password and Secondary passwords can be a normal passwords or a keyboard short cuts that receiver can configure which will have normal forgot password options etc.,

• When a bunch of secured messages comes to the receiver, instead of...