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Health Watch via Smart Watch Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243781D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-16
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Disclosed a device that monitors user’s health condition constantly, and sends alerts (user’s location, latest reports) to configured relatives/doctors/ambulance based on the situation. And most importantly, this device tracks the location of the user and displays the nearest Hospitals and Pharmacies along with route map on the screen to the user for any medical attention.

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Health Watch via Smart Watch


There are situations when a person is unaware of his/her health condition and cannot request/act for any medical assistance when an immediate attention is required. A Device such as smart watch can be helpful to warn/indicate the health condition and acts/communicates automatically.


· This proposes to provide a device that acts as a virtual supporter, which triggers alerts automatically based on the configurations. This in-turn increases the success rate of medical attention and saves one's life without any delay. This device provides medical assistance for needed people and acts spontaneously to save life
· Contacts configured in the watch will get automatic call/alerts stating the situation of the patient when he/she is not able to meet any medical emergency
· An alert will be given to the user to seek for a doctor or a medicine reminder would be given to the patient when he is not aware of condition
· Nearby Hospitals and Pharmacies will be displayed to the user within the radius when there is an abnormal condition or when there is a need on the screen
· The current location of the patient will be sent using GPS to the configured contacts/ambulance when the user is not sure about the location
· The doctor is notified with information/current condition of the patient to take any medical attention. And the doctor gets the medical history of the patient on request basis.


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