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System and Method for AgriPlanet - A Collaborative Portal Bringing Together Farmers, Agri Stakeholders and Philanthropist Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243783D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-16
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AgriPlanet is the farmers’ collaboration and support site among farmers, philanthropic institutes or individuals, NGOs (Non-Government Organizations), Government, research institutes, buyers. This portal/mobile app/platform is a meeting point to help the farmers with focus on alleviating the pain that farmers in distress are going through.

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System and Method for AgriPlanet - A Collaborative Portal Bringing Together Farmers , Agri Stakeholders and Philanthropist

Disclosed is a portal site for farmers and agriculture stakeholders supporting farmers to tide over periods of distress facilitating guidance to sell damaged crops, salvage land productivity while growing a crop and realize at least the cost price.

Problem Statement:

Farmers are the backbone of our planet as all of us need food to survive. At the same time, many farmers commit suicide every year as they are unable to sell crops especially damaged crops and also due to financial burden. Currently there is a non-existent or very little hassle free crop insurance, especially for small farmers. There is no solid platform to disseminate farmers' plight and exchange information regarding their farm and its output. In addition to insurers, other agriculture based industries and stakeholders do not have a place to get information of such damaged crop that they could use and that is mostly by word of mouth. There is no common platform for all the different stakeholders to get together and work collaboratively.

Proposed Solution:

The solution is to develop farmers' collaboration and support site/portal that becomes a meeting point for all stakeholders such as farmers, NGOs, Government institutes, research institutes, buyers - government, business or others, philanthropic institutes or individuals.


The advantages are:

Sale of the damaged crops: - The philanthropic institutes or individuals will work with NGOs, Government and other interested institutes to sell the crops. If the crop is damaged and not eatable by human, instead of discarding the philanthropic institutes/ NGOs /research institutes will analyze the crops by image processing to ascertain the degree of goodness. After the analysis, suggestion would be provided by the team if the crop can be used in several different ways such as fodder, road construction, furniture making, bricks making, decorative items or some other purposes and how to sell. They will come up with the dynamic pricing of crop based on quality. This will help to provide compensation to farmers.

Along with damaged crops, the portal will help to sell regular crops also.

Formally support farmers beyond Government role: - The philanthropic institutes or individuals will work with NGOs to help the farmers not only to sell crops but also to help financially.

Crop Insurance: - Farmers will upload the photos of the crops at the


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AgriPlanet portal site. The insurance companies might use these photos, analyze the pattern, location (longitude, latitude), statistics to provide their support also and use the analysis while calculating for the compensation. This will save the trips to the fields.

Addressing Farmers Queries: - These photos uploaded by farmers can be used by the NGOs/ research institutes to come up with pattern recognition and providing solution.