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System and method for collaborative auto-rating of search results

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Publication Date: 2015-Oct-16
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System and method for collaborative auto-rating of search results

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System and method for collaborative auto -

With traditional search web sites are crawled by a crawler and indexed to classify them by keywords. In this context users do usually specify keywords to search for sites matching their current needs and interests. Traditional search queries all websites that match (according to the way they have been indexed ) the users needs specified by the keywords he provided.

One of the main drawbacks is that a traditional search engine cannot determine how ("semantically") good a certain search result is with respect to the search terms that have been specified. The engine does simply neither understand the correlation of the keywords semantically, nor the website semantically; thus even though one page might, from a pure keyword-matching point of view, considered better than another the value , from a semantical point of view, might be higher for the other page.

Of course many users trigger the same or at least similar keyword -based searches over and over again. Observing their result selection behavior will reveal which of the results they consider valuable and which invaluable .

Google already tracks search result behavior and incorporates the gained knowledge in their PageRank algorithm which then influences the sorting of future search results .

We propose considering the observation of users search result selection behavior with respect to a certain set of keywords and auto -rate resources to make it easier for users to pi...