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Automated Dashboard for Tracking of work within an Email System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243791D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-17
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Tracking work plays a major role for every employee in the corporate world. This is the only way an employee can be assessed in any Organization which differentiates him/her from other employees. It would be a hectic task for an employee to manually accumulate all the work done for that year and present it to their uplines, because the data can be in any form i.e. Mails, Work Items, Articles, Customer calls etc. These all are equally important with which their performance is evaluated. As this would be a manual task it kills employee’s time, loss of some important data which may eventually drop their metrics.

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Automated Dashboard for Tracking of work within an Email System

Our thought is to track all these data and maintain a Dashboard in email system which is well secured, accessed on a regular basis and would be handy for an employee when needed. Also should able to send this dashboard data via an email in a single-click to whomsoever needed. For example, sending it to the manager for their quarterly/annual reviews.

An Employee may get work via Emails, Work Items etc.. Our thought is to track all these data and maintain kind of repository in Email system. In our proposed system, there should be few pre-defined categories (like Work items, Articles, Appreciation's, Mentoring, Social activities etc.) which will be common across various teams/organisations and also have an option to create new ones as needed.

Data should be automatically segregated based on these categories which would help system to track the work. We are suggesting Email system to have integration with multiple sources to automate this tracking process. Apart from these there will be set of emails which cannot be automatically categorized as there won't be any criteria associated to them but still need those to be tracked. Ex: mentoring, social activities, club activities etc. Since there won't be many such emails getting into those buckets, to categorize them we are suggesting an option/button "Add to Dashboard" on all the emails to add them manually to the dashboard, as needed. Our proposed system will automatically track all the data as stated above, however in the worst case this option "Add to Dashboard" can be used by the employee. This will be explained further in detail in the below sections:


Proposed solution would make an employee's life easier with the below benefits :
1) Realistic Data
2) No loss of Important data
3) Very Minimal Manual work in maintaining and presenting the data
4) Effective time management
5) Sending the complete dashboard data via an email to whomsoever needed in a single click
6) Employee Engagement can be tracked which would typically help in balancing the workload
7) Employee will have clear idea on their progress and act accordingly


1) Differentiating Work emails and Normal emails efficiently

2) Alerting employee on the non-responded emails

3) A single dashboard view which maintains all the work data

4) Email system integration with multiple sources for fetching work data


Annual goals of an employee are quantified or has some metrics aligned then this dashboard


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data can be very useful in measuring the employee performance against the goals

Below is the way our proposed system should work in fetching the work data:
1) Work Items: There should be an Integration built between Email system and respective tools, so that Email system could talk to them in fetching the details (Customer name, Description) of the requests subscribed by an employee and they should al...