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A new method of originating a call from a smart phone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243794D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-17
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This article describes a new method of originating a phone call from a smartphone by recognizing the phone number on an image using a special touch gesture.

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A new method of originating a call from a smart phone

Today's mobile devices come with lot of options to place a call. You can pick up a contact and click the number, dial from the dialing pad or press on any number (that is automatically highlighted) to place a call either from mails, notes, docs, messages, etc.

The proposed invention is highly useful when the user is travelling in a vehicle and sees a billboard or an advertisement on another vehicle and wants to call that number immediately. With this invention, the user simply takes a picture of the billboard or the advertisement on another vehicle with the phone number in it and uses a special touch gesture on the image to

place a call, instead of manually noting down the phone number and calling the number later.

A method of dialing a phone number in a smart phone by automatically extracting the phone number from an image. The user selects an image and highlights the area in the image where the number is present. This gesture on the image is automatically recognized and the phone number is extracted out of the image and a dialing icon is displayed. Selecting this dialing icon places a call on the smart phone.

Consider any touch screen device like smart phones, tablets etc that can be used to make telephone calls either by manually dialing a phone number or selecting a number from a

pre-stored contact list. For such a device there would be a touch based dial pad and a mechanism to store and retrieve the phone numbers or contacts. The proposal here is to have a mechanism to call phone numbers from a captured image/picture by using a touch gesture on the image.

When the gesture is applied on the image, the native operating system on th...