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System and Method to "Replace Me" Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243799D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-17
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Abstract Smarter ways to predict failures of appliances and devices in our daily life. Especially our lives being surrounded by many such intelligent devices and appliances which need proactive maintenance. Here is a proposal which talks about the examples of such instance and solution to overcome failures using Smart devices with IoT technology

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System and Method to "Replace Me"


 In the middle of the night, suddenly my AC stops working. On a weekend, what if my TV is under repair? My washing machine stops spinning with a full load of clothes.

 For example, a particular part in my AC unit is 90% used.

 If there is a system that can identify the exhaustive usage of this critical part and inform me in advance about the potential failure of that part, I can replace it.

 Another example is the printer cartridge in an office.


 Smarter ways to manage appliance and devices saves time and ensures safety

 Ability to understand/identify and predict potential failures of devices or appliances based on their performance

 Preventive action to replace battery or extend warranty etc., rather than encounter failures/breakdown of devices

 Can we have a system that alarms the user about the probable breakdown of a machine in advance


 Integrate an IOT device fitted in the equipment, the IOT device to be communicating with the equipment through the interfacing module.

 The Interfacing module would be sending Equipment Running status, Usage status and any other diagnostic information to the service provider or the user.

 A company can derive some patterns from their historical data of their units usage and determine - when should the notification be sent to the user

 Some patterns from their historical data of their units usage and determine - when should the no...