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Advanced OOO notification system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243805D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-17
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Comprehensive mechanism to allow user to enable/disable/extend OutOfOffice and notify recipient accordingly.

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Advanced OOO notification system

Mail client has become a very common tool that we use on a daily basis. Out of Office message is a feature that is provided by these mail clients to inform others incase you are not accessing your mails or when you are away from your work/office. There is no complete solution to our Out of Office feature provided these days. There are few scenario's which are not currently handled by our mailing solution :-

1) There is no way to enable OOO if user doesn't have access to the mail account. In current system to enable OOO user need to access their account either using client, browser or mobile device, however there are many organizations that provide access only via VPN or secure mechanism which allows access only from set of devices. This makes it difficult if the user goes on some emergency and does not have access to system/device which allows them to connect to office messaging system.

2) An extension to point one currently there is no way for user to extend their OOO if they don't have access to their messaging system. Further in the current system though we can extend and modify our OOO (if we have access) but the system doesn't update already informed people.

3) In the current messaging system if the users comes to office early and disables the OOO the already informed users are not updated about early arrival of the person.

4) In current messaging system there is no mechanism for activity detection on mailbox, if that facility is available further automatic action can be based on the.

The solution proposed will address all these situations and gives a complete Out of Office solution to clients
The proposal is to make out out of office solution more flexible and intelligent. This feature is very basic in current messaging systems and only gives you the option of enabling/disabling it (from particular date and time). The above pointed out pointers, provide a more robust and extensive out of office solution than any of the existing solution.

Our solution provides following pointers which currently doesn't exists in any system and only way currently possible is to perform eash task manually (which can be extremely time consuming and sometimes even humanly impossible).

This includes
1. System and method to provide means to enable OutOfOffice from external medium such as 3rd party email address or from SMS.

2. System and method to provide means to extend OutOfOffice from external medium such as 3rd party email address or from SMS.

3. An advanced monitoring system that would identify the user activity in mail file and prompt to disable the OOO if activity is before the end date of OOO.

4. An advanced monitoring system that would identify the user activity in mail file and alert to extent the OOO if no activity has been observed after the end date of OOO.

5. Smart notification system to provide notification by identifying if the OOO has been disabled earlier than the set time.

6. Smart notification sys...