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Automated Alert on LPG level Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243806D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-17
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This article is poineered in providing end to end solution which enables end users to get an instant SMS which includes comprehended information on whats the actual status of your gas cylinder .Thus by this methodoly that can helps individual to monitor the efficiency and usage of LPG gas cylinder.

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Automated Alert on LPG level


•It is difficult for a person to know when your cooking LPG cylinder gets emptied.
•Its even making lives bit cumbersome for an individual or household member to make and assumption on when it gets emptied.

•Inspired by looking at some the areas where people find hard to realize the level of LPG all the time and making indefinite choices /looking after alternate solutions


•Majority of the time individuals are not assured of when the LPG cylinder gets emptied
•Individuals end up with irrational mindset and individuals also urge our self to look for another LPG cylinder all the time.

•Individuals don't alarm or alert of the level of gas that which might gets at any time
•At times individuals might deem on rough scale measure on level and assume it that certain amount of gas that would suffice for certain number of days


•The proposed solution that individuals are looking here is a device which works as intermediate that would interact with the LPG as individuals mobile device.

•It can be named as LiquidGasAlertcontroller(LGAC) that will have unique and primary was to analyze the level of the LPG gas in a cylinder by which individuals can set a benchmark as to when individuals can alert and mobile number which is configured is intended to receive the message.

•This will also give clear indication to avail the gas in sim mode than in On mode. Its can also give an emergency alert in case the...