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System and methods used to escalate matters without sharing escalation user information.

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Publication Date: 2015-Oct-17
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Methods implemented to manually / automatically mask the the CC users email addresses while interacting with the specific set of users. These specific set of users can be defined at run time or can be pre-defined. During this activity, maintaining the session in such a way that the masked CC list will be using their ROLES as the tag and do not allow their email address to be exposed to these specific users. Moreover, the masked tags cannot be used outside (by copy pasting) that particular email session which can be recognized using a common / unique EMAIL ID to identify the email(s) and its related threads. This keeps away from sharing the email addresses, helps in silent escalation at times as the ROLES are displayed and keeping the reply / reply all sequence intact with all the recipients receiving the required information.

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System and methods used to escalate matters without sharing escalation user information.

In todays world, service industry plays very important role in global economy .To keep service quality at high level, service provider provides escalation matrix .Whenever there is B2B service engagement=, client need to use users senior address specially Top management address like "CEO",CFO" in CC however this address can be misused by service provider by directly contacting to those senior or share with third party for their benefit.

In our solution, we propose role based encrypted email communication so that end user would be prohibited from accessing the email address and still the escalations would be made correctly to attain the desired results..

For B2B communication, Email server's will be designed to encrypt and decrypt SMTP email communication to activate Role base email communication for customer. In such case, whenever customer wishes to escalate matters to users higher management, this user would use a method to hide users higher level managers email id's or even names. This method would add the ROLE of the people who are copied on this email when the user is escalating matters to the service providers. For e.g when the user activates this method, any additions to users CC list will be caped with the ROLE like, Manager, Senior Manager, COO, CEO, etc.

Incase they reply to those email, service provider server decrypt to get SMTP email address and route email to respective receiver end server.


1. Provision of converting the email address into the role assignment label.

2. Based on 1st case, encrypt the email information from the role label added to the CC fields.

3. Based on 1st case, avoid a copy action for the role based label.

4. Based on 1st case, keep the label active only for the particular email instance / thread / session.

So, the best e.g. would be, Customer is reaching out to a Service provider for a issue resolution. The follow ups are On and still the same reply "We are looking into the issue" is being responded to the Customer. This customer has lots of applications using this service which has issues and due to which its impacting users business. This customer being a Lead has to report day in and day out to the users /her seniors. Even after several follow-ups, the user is unable to...