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A smart sorting order in email clients based on multiple attributes.

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Publication Date: 2015-Oct-17
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A smart sorting order in email clients based on multiple attributes including long running email threads, social interaction with sender, topics of interest and other user configurable parameters. .

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A smart sorting order in email clients based on multiple attributes .


No doubt, half of workday goes in e-mails. It (e-mail system/client) has gone beyond a notification  system and have taken the roles of information system, project planning tool, learning tool, reminder &  planning tool; simply put a multi-faceted application. Won't be surprised if this replaces or have deep  integrations with many other tools that we use daily (like Social). Where it's multi-facetedness is a good  thing, still nothing can replace it's core function of information carrying/notifying. And the reliance on an  e-mail client is so deep that, more than often it becomes overwhelming. There are lot of features like  smart rule based organizing content, to make our lives easy.
Problem: We have the 'folder' concept to neatly organize the mails and other entities in an email client.  But still, when we look at a view/folder in isolation, there all the mails are sorted on the age-old  attributes (priority/flag, sender, subject, date sent, attachments etc..). Even though lot of smart features  enable us to segregate mails into these folders appropriately still, if the number of unread mails in a  given folder is high, it becomes very essential to sort/view them in the priority order so that you are  energies are channelized properly into the important mails first.

Though creating smart rules to organize the content/mails in email clients exist to segregate the mails into different folders, when looking at a view/folder in isolation, which has got a good number of mails, it's difficult to prioritize. A smart sorting order that considers various factors (preconfigured as well as automatically analyzed from usage patterns) and comes up with a rank for each item to sort them in a sort order.

Proposed solution
Proposing a new 'smart' sorting order to sort the mails in more appropriate/preferential way (even  in a folder where all mails are from...