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Button on stylus pen to select the color Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243814D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-17
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Disclosed is a design of a stylus pen which enables a user or more specifically an instructor to change the color of the stylus pen seamlessly to use it efficiently on the smartboard. The stylus pens are mostly used with the tablets but now with the smartboards too they are becoming very useful and this article discloses the novel way of designing and using the pen on the smartboard.

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Button on stylus pen to select the color

In the traditional way of training, a trainer or an instructor uses mostly black, red, blue and green color pens to explain a concept in the form of text and/or figure. The instructor uses different colors to highlight the different aspect of the figure he/she draws on the whiteboard.

There is a new way of teaching which is becoming popular with the introduction of touch screen technology, which is using the smartboard. The smartboards are becoming very popular for interactive whiteboard trainings. The smartboards are the big interactive touch screens replacing traditional whiteboards. An instructor can simply touch the screen using fingers or stylus pen and draw whatever he/she wants as if he/she is drawing on the whiteboard.

Similar to traditional whiteboards, to highlight or to differentiate the certain aspect of the figure, an instructor changes the color of stylus pen using some shortcut of color palette on the screen provided by the application and then draws/highlights with the changed color. For this, an instructor switches his/her context from drawing the figure in one corner to select the color from the shortcut on another corner of the screen and then back to the figure. This disturbs the flow of the teaching which can be avoided. The students also switch their mind from the figure to the list of colors available in the palette and then back to the figure.

A button can be introduced on stylus pen which will toggle between the most used 3 or 4 colors, mainly black, red, blue or green. An instructor has to...