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System and methods to derive the contacts availability via IM even if the IM status does not display the availability. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243828D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-19
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Methods to detect the presence of a contact on the same network even if the contact is offline. As well as improvements suggested to prompt a OFFLINE IM contact to start a dialog.

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System and methods to derive the contacts availability via IM even if the IM status does not display the availability.

Instant Messaging enables the nearly real-time transmission of messages originated and received from/by different communication networks. The purpose of instant messaging is to transmit high

priority messages in (nearly) real-time between clients . In today's world instant messaging is the quickest way to convey your message. Instant messages generally are exchanged when individuals are online. To make it easier for the end user , instant messaging systems introduce semantics like online, away from desk, offline so that users are aware of each other's awareness status. These status messages are set based on user availability and when user is logged in to the chatting application. Offline status indicates user is not available for chatting.

But what if user is available for chatting but not logged in to the application? Say User A who needs to talk to User B on an urgent high priority issue is waiting for the the User B to be online thinking that User still not in office. Whereas UserB is in office but forgets to login to the chat system OR maybe intentionally not logged in due to some other priority work completion. There is not way that user A would come to know of User B's availability unless and until User B logs in.

The proposal is a status indication for a user who is offline on the messaging application but is available on the network based on his proximity to the electronic device. This would enable the sender to know the availability of the user even if User is offline and send a push message to the target user intimating User that there is an urgent issue and we need to chat. This would be preference and priority driven based on the target users selection , to avoid any inconvenience to the user.


1. Indication of user's availability in the network based on users connectivity with the network (intranet / internet).

2. Preference driven setting for the recipient to decide on the set of users who can reach User / her even if the recipient status on IM is OFFLINE.

3. Based on 1 & 2 , facilitating the sender w...