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Cable connector protection via bubble sleeve Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243837D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-20
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A cover for the protection and movement facilitation of cable connectors

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Cable connector protection via bubble sleeve

This disclosure is for an encapsulation device to cover the end of a cable to allow the cable to freely move and be pulled through cable runs where space is tight. It is designed to be easily attached to and removed from the end of a cable safely.

    The user opens the device by squeezing the edges, bending a flexible frame to allow entry of the connector. The flexible frame then springs back into position, locking around the connector securely. This is similar to many sunglasses cases but in a smaller format.

    The bubble itself is manufactured using flexible rubber with an outer surface designed to enable easier movement of the cable through cable runs.

    The outer surface can be any of the following: - Smooth rubber - Mini ball bearings - Mini rotating beads - Mini caterpillar track
Proof of concepts/examples are shown below: Covered with mini ball bearings:

Beads on a cord that can freely spin. The device would have rows of these

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oriented to best enable forward/backward movement.

    A very basic diagram showing "track" type movement surrounding the enclosure.