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Prescription-A mobile application for Hospital Managament Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243846D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-20
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The present work relates to the area of "Mobile" and "Healthcare Systems". Proposed is a mobile application that supports the Hospital Management which includes booking of appointment through the app & using an IVR system, filing of patient prescription instantly on the mobile app and thereby sending them to patients app profile on one click, updating the medicine names based on the availability.

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Prescription-A mobile application for Hospital Managament

Issues being faced as of today:

- Choosing the best and apt "Doctor" when we're sick, reaching the hospital directly or via Phone to get an appointment scheduled is a hectic task.

- Keeping the medical files is not always possible. We all should have faced a situation where we need to search the whole house for these files or "Prescriptions".

- Understanding the "Doctors Hand Writing on the Prescription" is sometimes difficult for some or the other.

- Buying a medicine that is different from the medicine suggested by doctor due it's unavailability at a medical shop


- A mobile hospital management system that would benefit both patients and the doctors. The Proposed app would have all the features like a hospital management system while the added feature would be online scheduling of appointment, choosing the best doctor and an electronic Prescription. The Mobile Electronic Prescription would allow doctors to select medicine from the existing or pre-added names and also to update them basing the availability.


Prescription is a mobile app that acts as a hospital management system and an electronic Prescription. To do this, I suggest a different view for Doctors and Patients. Different use cases would exist for Doctors and Patients.

- Patient

o Search and select for the best doctor in the locality:

Download the APP


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Create a Profile

Select the specialization. (Orthopedic, Cardiac, etc..,)

Read the reviews about the Specialists.

Select the Specialist you're interested in.

 Book Appointment

o Scheduling an appointment would be automatized here. No scope for the booking agent to manipulate our token number. Scheduling could be done in FIFO order.

o A time slot would be given to the patient, and if the patient doesn't walk-in on time, they would be kept in...