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Method of Cooling System Inlet Air Using Vapor Injection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243864D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-22
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Disclosed is a method to reduce the inlet air temperature of a system via a cold water evaporative injection. The system's air movers would pull air from a chamber where cool water would be atomized to marginally increase humidity while drastically reducing air temperature. This reduced air temperature would have a beneficial effect on the cooling of the power dissipating electronics in the system.

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Method of Cooling System Inlet Air Using Vapor Injection

During spikes in demand, servers may experience very high temperatures in their internal components. Accordingly, it becomes imperative to provide as much cooling as possible to parts like processors, memory, PCI, etc. In certain situations, such as with a high ambient temperature, extra cooling may be required to avoid shutdown or throttling. Proposed here is to add a water droplet injection system to add extremely small droplets of water to the inlet airstream. These droplets would quickly evaporate, removing heat from the surrounding air and reducing its temperature. This would provide the server in question with an "over-cooling" function that could be called upon during periods of heavy workload.

    The effects of water's endothermic transition from liquid to vapor are well understood and utilized across a wide variety of applications. This transition may be harnessed to reduce the temperature of air passing through a server.

Known methods of cooling involve an increase in conductivity of materials, increased fan speeds, reduced air temperature via cooling equipment, and the like. However, no previous known invention harnesses the enthalpic effect of evaporation to enhance electronic components cooling. This proposal would give a means of doing so.

    Proposed here is one or more high-pressure injectors situated at the entrance area of a server. They would inject water into the incoming air at very high pressure, creating extremely small droplets in the air. With proper distribution, these droplets would quickly evaporate, removing heat from the air as they did so. This would reduce the temperature of the air as it flows over the server's components, enhancing cooling....